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Charyn Canyon

This is one of the unique natural monuments of Kazakhstan situated near Almaty. The canyon is about 12 million years old. It amazes with its vertical cliffs, calling to mind ancient castles created by wind, sun and rain. Travel from Almaty for a full-day tour to see Charyn Canyon, one of Kazakhstan's natural treasures. Upon arrival hike in spectacular “Valley of Castles” – most popular part of Charyn Canyon and enjoy the river side picnic with chilled beer.

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Nightlife in Almaty

Almaty city is full of a rich selection of late night entertainment that is sure to please anyone around the world. Whatever you want including cocktails, dancing or music, you can find easily. Almaty tour is to explore the great nightlife city has to offer to the travelers all over the world. You can experience by walking tour to explore the attractions including night clubs, strip bars, drinks etc.  Men can enjoy the erotic secret places of Almaty. We can organize your visit to 5 strip clubs in Almaty with great hospitality experience as girls here will go to any extend to please you for extreme enjoyment in their warm arms. Options: Night clubs, Strip clubs, Party Bus, Karaoke, Bars, Limousine  Places to enjoy nightlife:- -Party bus is suitable for corporate groups want to enjoy clubbing on wheels which includes gogo girl dancers, cocktail and music for about 2hrs -Kazanova club -Office club -Babylon -Matrioshka -50 Shades of Grey

Shopping in Almaty

Almaty is a well planned city of Kazakhstan with clean and clear roads and broad highways. Almaty city is full of supermarkets, hypermarkets and entire trade centers, these huge shopping centers appear everywhere in Almaty city, where you can buy practically any product, equipment, clothing and accessories. Some large shopping centers have been already open, and the construction of new ones is under way. One of the largest shopping center on the territory of Almaty is the Shopping Mall MEGA, where besides food supermarket, boutiques and salons you can find some cafes, ides and movie hall. Here you can buy all international brands for our family and friends But the grandest one is the Shopping Mall MAXIMA, which is placed on the area of 35 hectares and which can be called by right the shopping mini-town. Besides food supermarket and plenty of boutiques, it has cinema, bowling, billiard room, skating rink, some restaurants, cafes and bars, children’s playground, internet café, hairdresse

Big Almaty Lake

Big Almaty Lake can be reached by car, bus (bus 28), mountain bike or by foot. By car it’s only 30-40 minutes, so we choose that option. The lake sits at 2500 meters above sea level in the Big Almaty Gorge. What makes this lake special is that the colour changes depending on the weather and the time of year. During our visit the lake had a deep turquoise colour, but it can also have an emerald green hue. The surrounding forest makes it even more spectacular.

The Central Mosque Almaty

Central Mosque located in downtown Almaty is built in the Timurid style of architecture and accommodates up to 7,000 worshippers. The large turquoise-blue dome visible from quite a distance beckons the faithful to prayer five times a day. As you get closer, you will begin to notice how refreshingly different the white marble mosque looks from all the grey Soviet-style architecture around the city. The 5 tall, blue-topped minarets, the calligraphy on the exterior facades, the slender archways, and the long, meandering path to the entrance flanked by grassy patches, will all captivate your senses before the richly carved stonework inside blows the remainder of your mind away.

Where to Stay

Rixos Hotel Ritz Carlton Ramada Hotel Holiday Inn Intercontinental hotel ACCOMMODATION FOR TOURISTS IN ALMATY Accommodation in Almaty is of good standard and with great in-house facilities, however during high tourist season it is recommended to hold your accommodation well in advance. There are many hotels starting from basic, standard, deluxe and luxury once. Tourist can experience the true Kazakh hospitality by staying in private apartments too. Get some idea about hotels in Almaty from names given below. 02 STAR HOTELS IN ALMATY The Turkestan Hotel in Almaty  03 STAR HOTELS IN ALMATY Ajour Hotel, Alma, Almaty Sapar, Astana Hotel, Astana International Hotel, Astra Hotel Almaty, Berkana Hotel, City Hotel Tien Shan, D'Rami, Golden Palace Hotel, Grushevy Hospitality Boutique, Hotel Almaty, Iris Hotel, Jeppesen Residence Almaty, Kausar Hotel, Kuze Hotel, MILDOM Express, Mildom Hotel, Premier Alatau Hotel, Relax Hotel, Renion Hills Hotel, Renion Hotel, Renion Residence, Renion Zyliha

The colourful Zenkov Cathedral

At the heart of Panfilov Park you can visit the colourful Zenkov Cathedral, also known as Ascension Cathedral. The cathedral is one of Almaty’s few surviving tsarist-era buildings. Completely built entirely of wood, the cathedral was designed by AP Zenkov in 1904 and is still a functioning Russian Orthodox Church.  

The Central Gorky Park

Central Gorky Park is Almaty’s biggest recreational park. There is something for everyone, as here you can go to the cinema, funfair, aqua park or sit down at one of the cafés to relax.

The Kazakh Museum of Folk Musical Instruments

Located at Panfilov Park, this impressive wooden building was built in 1908, at the same time as Zenkov Cathedral. Here you can can see and hear a fine collection of traditional Kazakh instruments, such as bagpipes, wooden harps and horns, but it’s also possible to take a class to play one of these instruments.

About Go Almaty DMC

GO ALMATY DMC – A Destination Management Company founded by leading travel professionals with years of experience in providing unsurpassed experiences in KAZAKSTHAN (ALMATY & ASTHANA) , the model for the success of GO ALMATY DMC has been that we are constantly able to exceed expectations of travelers and business partners. GO ALMATY DMC philosophy is that only a company that holds on to its entrepreneurial style since its birth in 2015 can deliver these exceptional experiences. Our team is having more than 30 years of collective experience in travel and tourism industry. This entrepreneurial empowerment extends to all levels of staff – the result being a drive to create unique and cost-effective travel products and services that are unequalled anywhere else in the world. GO ALMATY DMC and its unique way to capture travel dreams and turn them into unforgettable experiences, where product excellence and total support to our customers, is always at the forefront of our delivery.

About Almaty City in Kazakhstan

Almaty is the largest city of Kazakhstan with a population of 2.7 million with about 9% of total population of Kazakhstan, it is certainly a hustling and bustling place to stay. It also used to be the former capital of the country, until 1997 when it moved to Astana (Nur Sultan new name). The city is still the finance hub of Kazakhstan with the stock exchange and largest banks.   The country is influenced with Russian culture, people here speaks local Kazak language and officially prefer to speak Russian. Although Russian is well spoken language in whole of Kazakhstan including Almaty city. In Almaty tourism has increased rapidly from India in the last few years. When you plan to travel to Almaty, former capital of Kazakhstan, you can experience wonderful mix of tradition & culture. Actually Central Asia trip is incomplete without visiting Almaty lakes and mountains located in and around city. There is Kok Tobe Mountain which is the highest point of Almaty is also a great activ